Cargo Shipments: The Key to the Golden Key Reward

The game of SimCity BuildIt is a mobile game for all ages. It is all about building houses, providing essential services in the city, collecting taxes and making revenue to meet expenses. The mayor has to involve himself in various trading activities to take care of products that are manufactured and see that they are utilized optimally in the city and excess products are sold. Buying products at the best rates are also part of the deals that the mayor has to look into. There is more income for the mayor when he sells his cargo through Cargo Shipments. When these trading activities are made efficiently and on time and at economic rates, the mayor can make enormous profits as well as win rewards like the Golden Key.

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Cargo Docks and Cargo Shipments

Trade can be enhanced through cargo shipments. There are cargo docks which assist you, as the mayor, in your cargo shipments. You should be vigilant while making these shipments by having the products ready before the ship arrives at the dock so that your products will have a head-start over others. Take a look at the items that are listed by lifting up the cover. Get the products on the list ready immediately. Once the ship arrives, you can view the list again, for the cargo order. It also gives the rewards available as well as the time of departure of the ship. Once the shipment is fully loaded onto the ship, you will get the Simoleons. The Simoleons will be awarded according to the number of items, the price for each item and the net amount. Once the procedure is complete you will get an award of the Golden Key.

Golden Key

The Golden Key will be awarded only if you are able to provide the entire order for the Cargo Ship. If you have partially completed the list given, you will get the payment for the order that has been filled out. The Golden Key is not awarded for partial fulfillment of the load but only for the entire fulfillment of the Cargo Ship order. As the Golden Key cannot be bought but can be obtained only through completing Cargo Shipments and through meeting Disaster Challenges, completing the entire order for the Cargo Shipments is most essential. You can also avail Golden Keys through the simcity buildit hack apk which provides any number of Golden Keys as well as Simoleons for free. If you are short of a few items from the order you can purchase them from others using SimCash to fill the Cargo Shipment requirements. Once you are ready for the next shipment you can request for a New Ship by tapping on the icon. You can then fill up the new order

Selling the products through Cargo Shipments is one way of getting good resources. Unless the mayor is vigilant and quick, he cannot complete the order for the shipment and he also has to face competition as the Shipment may be filled out by competing players. SimCity BuildIt requires fast and active mayors to play the game.

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